About Us
About Us
Y & G International Trading Company Limited serves in the oil refinery, petrochemical industry, chemical industry and air pollution control etc., and also contracts anticorrosion engineering and environmental protection, Our products including tower packings, column internal, pipes& tubes and so on.
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Company : Y&G International Trading Company Limited
Telephone : 0086-010-57121108 / 57492519
Mobile : 0086-13661003712
Fax : 0086-010-59759004
E-mail : Yana@263.net
Address :3# Xiao Shi Kou, De Sheng Men Wai, Xi Cheng District,100112 Beijing, China.
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Y & G international Trading Company Limited 
Tel:+86-010-57121108/57492519/80892940 Fax:+86-010-56752778
Email: Yana@263.net , Postmaster@yugie.com.cn 
Address: 3# Xiao Shi Kou, De Sheng Men Wai, Xi Cheng 
District,Beijing, China 100011