Product Information
  • Bubble Caps

    F1 type, tongue-shape, guiding type,“SL” type, bar-shape,boat-shape float valves, and bubble capsof various specifications and materials
  • Liquid Collector

    Liquid collectors including packing support help to save column-height. Optimized design of the collecting troughs reduces pressure head in the collecting-section.
  • Support Plate and Grids

    For carrying the packing in the column, we supply variety of of support grids, specially designed for different applications and column diameters. Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, copper materials.
  • Bed Limiter

    Bed-limiter is positioned inside the tower, directly above a randomly packed bed to confine any upward movement of packing.Materials are thermoplastics ,stainless steel, alloy steel,carbon steel, copper and copper nickel materials.
  • Tower Trays

    Materials for trays, we work on C-steel, special steel, Hastelloy, nickel and titanium.Except in the case of valve trays, production is also possible in thermo plastics: PPH, PE, PVC, PVC-C, PVDF, PTFE.
  • Liquid Demister

    Liquid demisters have evident effect in the cleaning and separation to mist, foam, vapor and liquid, as well as all kinds of impurities in the air in the fields of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, metallurgical, machinery, ethylene,
  • Liquid Distributor

    Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper and copper nickel materials. For the steel materials, the maximum diameter is 12meter, the plastic materials maximum diameter is 8meter.
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