Product Information
  • Molecular Sieves

    Molecular sileves and ceramic balls are widely used as catalyst bed and molecular sieves bed ,we can supplies 3A、 4A、5A and 13X molecular sieves which are used for the drying and purification of industrial gases.
  • Ceramic Rasching Rings

    The Ceramic raschig ring is common regular packing that they are still used for refilling existing columns and other applications.
  • Ceramic Random Packings

    It including ceramic pall rings, saddles, ladder rings, rashing rings and so on.
  • Ceramic Saddle Rings

    Ceramic super intalox saddle is the opening packing with the structure of groove hemicycle, which reduces the cover between the packing and enlarges the space……
  • Ceramic Pall Rings

    Ceramic Pall Ring is a kind of random packing further developed based on Rashing Ring, with two layers of windows based on Rashing Ring, with two layers of windows opened along its bube wall. The outside diameter is equal to its height.
  • Ceramic Ladder Rings

    The Cermic Ladder Ring has good features such as acidproof and thermalproof. It is resistant to corrision of various inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents. It can be widely used under high temperature conditions.
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