90/10 Copper-Nickle Tubes

Copper-Nickel Alloy tube (C70600)
1. Standard: GB/T8890/ASTM B111/JIS H3300/BS EN12451
2. Copper Nickel
Tube Symbol:

2. Chemical Content of copper nickel tubes ( C70600)

Tubes Temper: All tempers are available (Goods shouldbe Annealed)
4) Dimensions: Outer diameter:5-350mm,Wall thickness: 0.5-50mm oraccording to the buyers' requirements, and also length and tolerance subject tothe buyer's needs.
5) Application:
Copper-Nickel Alloy tube for condenser and heat-exchangers, WaterEvaporators, Boiler Blowdown Heat Exchangers, air coolers, Gland Steam Condensers, Steam Ejector, Turbine Oil Coolers, Fuel Oil Heaters, Compressed AirInter and After Coolers, Ferrules, Oil Well Pump Liner, and Distiller etc.
6) Package:
                        Wooden Box                                                      Weave Strip Package
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