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Crimped Fin Tube


Application: It was used for Boiler Heat Exchangers, Fluid, Gas and Oil Transport, Pressure and Heat Transmission, Construction and Ornament, Elaborate designs available as per customers' requirements.

It use of advanced production equipment by Mcelroy companies in the United States, slotting embedding technology is advanced, from stable, embedded and firm, pulled off force not less than 70n, the allowable temperature can reach 400℃, has the strong ability of temperature resistance and thermal shock, widely used in petrochemical air cooler. Small oil gun (plasma) micro oil ignition warm wind is cold boiler ignition hot air heating equipment in the ball mill coal pulverizing system.

Features: High heating efficiency and heating up fast, small volume, small wind resistance, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, can be installed in a wind pipe and the by-pass pipe.

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