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Nickel 200 UNS N02200


Chemical Composition:



Product Types and Standards:

Rod and barB 160
Plate, sheet and stripB 162, B906
Seamless pipe and tubeB622
Welded pipeB 161, B 829
Welded tubeB 725, B 751
Welding fittingB 366

Physical Properties:

Density8.89 g/cm3
Melting range1435-1446 ℃

Features: Nickel 200 is commercially pure wrought nickel. It is highly resistant to various reducing chemicals. It can also be used in oxidizing conditions that cause the formation of a passive oxide film, for instance its unexcelled resistance to caustic alkalis. Nickel 200 is limited to service at temperatures below 315℃, because at higher temperatures it suffers from graphitization which results in severely compromised properties. In that circumstance, Nickel 201 is used instead. It has a high Curie temperature and good magnetostrictive properties. Its thermal and electrical conductivities are higher than nickel alloys.

Applications: Useful for applications where maintaining product purity is considered such as handling of caustic alkalis, foods and synthetic fibers; electrical and electronic parts; aerospace and missile components; and chemical storage and shipping tanks.

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