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Claded Plate


Claded Plate is refers to, more than a single or multiple steel steel through, such as: stainless steel complex plate is use the process, such as explosion, or explosion of rolling rolling stainless steel plate with ordinary steel (carbon structural steel, high strength low alloy structural steel, quality carbon structural steel, etc.) of complex steel plate. It has the characteristics of two different kinds of steel, including corrosion resistance of stainless steel, low price of ordinary steel and good rigidity.The claded plate is designed to protect the ordinary steel plate from corrosion. It can be used for plating, adhesion and spraying, and a protective coating on the surface of the steel plate to form a complex steel plate.

Diameter Range:

Thickness 8 mm - 300 mm

Width of 1500 mm - 4020 mm

Length is 3000 mm - 18000 mm,

The maximum weight of steel plate is 25 tons;

Delivery status: According to the performance and user needs, the steel plate can be hot rolled, controlled rolling, normalizing, annealing, tempering, normalizing, tempering, tempering, etc.

Detection and thickness direction performance:

It can produce additional flaw detection requirements and z15-z35 anti-tear (thickness directional performance) steel plate, and can also provide z-directional performance steel plate according to ASTM, A770 and other standards.

Application: It is used for the production of linear accelerator cavity, rotary accelerator barrel, chemical container, high pressure wear-resistant pipe and other structural parts of hydropower station.

Type: There are many kinds of complex steel plates, which can be divided into two categories according to their combination types: metal clad steel plate and non-metal complex steel plate.The metal complex steel plate is complexed of other metal coating on the surface of steel plate, such as stainless steel complex steel plate, titanium complex steel plate, copper complex steel plate and aluminum complex steel plate.Non-metal complex steel plate is a complex of viscoelastic resin with excellent performance of base plate and vibration damping, such as lightweight complex steel plate and damping complex steel plate.Stainless steel complex plate and titanium complex steel plate used to produce all kinds of storage tank, pressure vessel, water desalination equipment, etc., as a substitute for rare metals titanium and stainless steel in chemical industry, atomic energy, ocean development, and other areas of the required corrosion has been widely used.

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