Product Information
  • Metallic Structured Packings

    Main materials are Stainless steels, 304L,316L,carbon steels. Aluminium, copper bronze etc. Further materials available on request for user.
  • Plastic Structured Packings

    Plastic structured packing’s main material is plastic structured packing: PP, PE, RPP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, etc. which is specially suitable for low temperature absorption, washing, dust and other devices.
  • Honycomb Ceramics

    Honeycomb Ceramic applicated in oil refinery, petrochemical industry, chemical and electric powder industry and also at large scale applied in RTO, SCR and RCO system in the processes of industrial emitting gases( NOx, VOC)
  • Structured Packings

    Materials are ceramic,stainless steel, carbon steel, copper materials,plastic and so on. The main types: Metal Orifice Plate Corrugated Packing,Metal Plate Corrugated Packing,Metal Plate Netted Corrugated Packing
  • Ceramic Structured Packings

    Ceramic structured packing is one kind of regular stacked packings arranged by geometrical graph in column.
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