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Wire Mesh Demister


Wire Mesh Demisters are widely used when a effective separation between liquid and solid phase is very important in order to obtain cheap and efficient industrial processes.

This kind of separators are made by a alveolar structure of wire mesh obtained by the superposition of several layers of a tubular sock. This sock is weaved by very thin wires (usually with a diameter inferior to 0,3 mm) and that allows to obtain a structure with high free volume (usually > 95%), a big active surface with a low density of the mesh allowing a saving about used material and costs.

Wire mesh separators are used for example:

1. to purify gasses;

2. to eliminate liquids that could damage the production processes;

3. to prevent problems to the plant structures;

4. to prevent dangerous emissions for the environment;

5. to recover expensive liquids.

Wire Mesh DemisterWire Mesh DemisterWire Mesh DemisterWire Mesh Demister

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