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Metal Cascade Mini Rings


Metal Cascade Mini Rings(Equivalent to well known Koch Glitsch CMR), JT-MCMR for short, A lower aspect ratio increases capacity and reduces pressure drop and the highly exposed internal and external surfaces give a high efficiency vehicle for liquid – gas contact with good mechanical strength.

Lower aspect ratio (H/D 1/2 to 1/3) increase capacity and reduces pressure drop; Metal Cascade Mini Rings,  preferential orientation in a packed bed with the cylindrical axis in the vertical plane, allows a free passage for gas to flow through it;

The lower pressure drop and higher throughput of Metal Cascade Mini Rings enables a smaller column diameter and fan size to be specified in new installations, The highly exposed internal and external surfaces provide an efficient vehicle for liquid–gas contact, by multiple drip-points;

More resistant to fouling, because a combination of Metal Cascade Mini Rings'  vertical alignment and open sides, allow any solids present to be flushed downwards through the packed bed.

Good Mechanical Strength, which allows Metal Cascade Mini Rings'  use in deep packed beds that have a higher hydraulic capacity. 

Specification of Cascade Mini Ring:



D x H x T




Free Vol(%)


 Per M3



Dry packing 


2525 x 13 x 0.52210.95198120383257
3838 x 19 x 0.61530.95930040325173
5050 x 25 x 0.81090.96112340308123
7676 x 38 x 1.0720.961354030685
Metal Cascade Mini RingsMetal Cascade Mini RingsMetal Cascade Mini RingsMetal Cascade Mini Rings

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